Illustration - books - characters - fun - animation


I am Katinka, an illustrator based in Lier, Belgium.  

I studied illustration and graphic design at Sint Lucas Antwerp. After I graduated, I decided to combine my job as an illustrator with teaching art classes for children and young adults.  

My work is defined by my love for nature and science. A defined colour palette, a dose of humour and diverse characters are recurring elements.

Every project starts in my sketchbooks. In here I play around with different shapes, characters and layouts. Adobe illustrator, photoshop and procreate are used in the next steps of the process.
I am currently working on my animation skills and look forward to using it in future projects! 

Take a look around my website and feel free to contact me.

My bucketlist:
  • working on an animated movie
  • designing a collection of stuffed toy dinosaurs
  • making a huge illustration to wrap a bus 
  • designing a playground
  • painting a mural
  • packaging illustration for some delicious biscuits
© Katinka VanderSande